Membership Benefits


Management FBS Club Limited is your connection to Alumni community of Department of Management, University of Dhaka! The Clubhouse building is the hub for business, dining, athletics, and an array of programming and events ranging from lectures and concerts to networking and social events. Additionally, we offer virtual events and programming, including webinars and member meet-ups.

3.1.1 The Place to Network

Sure, everyone networks, but not everyone can network with the largest group of DU grads. MFBSCL is the perfect place to meet great alums you don’t know yet. Why not take advantage of this exclusive and most valuable resource?

3.1.2 Reconnect with Old Friends

Remember all the interesting people you met on campus? Dhaka is a great place to meet up with old friends, and the charming MFBSCL is one of the finest places to meet in Dhaka. Social media is fine, but nothing can take the place of meeting an old buddy over a cup of hot coffee in a thoroughly MFBSCL setting.

3.1.3 Full-Service Gym & Indoor Sports

Whether you’re wishing for a game of Squash, a relaxing massage or looking for a rigorous workout, the Club has you covered. The Club offers exceptional athletics, fitness and wellness programs and services.

A gym with state-of-the-art equipment rivaling most upscale gyms in the city, an exceptional staff and a dynamic calendar of classes and programs, the club offers an array of options for members to stay fit.

The Club has also arranged all types of indoor sports facilities for its members like TT, Pool, Chess, Cards, Caram Etc.

3.1.4 Food and Drink, from Casual to Elegant

MFBSCL offers many culinary options. We also serve a lunch/Dinner buffet on Friday & Saturdays.

3.1.5 Event Hosting

MFBSCL is the perfect place for hosting a wedding, birthday, and reunion – even business meetings. Members can also sponsor events for their friends and colleagues.

3.1.6 Children Welcome

MFBSCL offers special programs geared for families as well as a wide variety of other activities and events. A special children’s menu is available in the Main Dining Room.

3.1.7 Prayer Room

MFBSCL offers dedicated space for Prayer Room.