Membership Details

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Management FBS Club Limited promotes fellowship among its members and reflects the spirit of University of Dhaka.  MFBSCL Membership is an opportunity to join other alumni and connect, socially and professionally, through access to our full schedule of virtual events. This includes author events, webinars, member meet-ups, career conversations, fitness & art classes, shared interest groups, and more.  

Regular membership application

Eligibility: Anyone who Completed graduation from Department of Management, University of Dhaka. However, the Executive Committee may admit any person residing outside of the Management Department as a member of the club on special consideration including fees.


Membership categories

There are 7 (Seven) categories of members of the club viz,

1. General Member

2. Permanent Member

3. Life Member

4. Corporate Member

5. Temporary Member

6. Honorary Member

7. Associate Member

All categories of members shall be selected by the Executive Committee.

 Membership registration fee:

1. General Member (Initial Tk. 25,000/- and Per Month 500/-)

2. Permanent Member (Initial Tk. 50,000/- and Per Month 500/-)

3. Life Member (One Time 150,000/-)

Difference between general member and permanent member:

General Member can’t participate in Election but they have the voting right. Permanent Member can participate in Election.

Spousal membership:

Enjoy membership at 50% as a Management Graduate of University of Dhaka  and spouse of a Life Member or Permanent Member.

Eligibility :

1. Eligible if the spouse of the member applying for membership is also a Management Graduate, University of Dhaka.

2. This offer is applicable for registration fee of Life Member & Permanent Member.